March 26

March 26, 2010

WEATHER: High today 20, sunny and nippy. No sap run.

VERMONT OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND: We’ll be boiling tomorrow, Saturday, after 11 am, and serving sugar-on-snow from 10 til 4.

FIRSTS: First time this March that we’ve had a freeze-up.

First time this March that I have seen and heard a tree full of birds.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: What would you rather be: a flame, a gust of wind, a brook, or soil?


2 Responses to “March 26”

  1. Clara Dennis Says:

    I like the quote of the day!! Thought about this one on the 7 hour drive home today… decided I definitely would want to be soil. To be part of the greater community of earth. With all the earth worms and mouse bones.
    So great being there this week! Thank you so much for answering all our questions!
    I hope the open house went well today. Was there a run? Did you boil? How was the filter?!
    p.s. This blog is so entertaining to read. Keep it up! I can see it now: “Audrey and the Maple Tree” will be the next big screen hit. But seriously, keep writing!

    • Audrey Coty Says:

      Hi Clara, Thanks for the comment. I agree with you in your choice of soil. We really enjoyed having you and Allison with us last week. Thanks again for all the hard work. We did not have a run Sunday – still too cold – but it ran yesterday and we’re boiling today. I am writing this in the church basement where we had soup. The film crew came on Sunday and they recruited Anna Silva to act – she was thrilled. Sunday was another busy day, and I have been pooped!

      All the best, Audrey

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